In this portrait i use adobe illistrator. I tried to create a relaxed feeling in my portrait. I tried to do this by making a background of a light and dark color. I also didn't try to do anything to fancy, which kept it a bit relaxed as well.
VectorPortrait_ZachE_2.jpg To do my portrait I first took a picture and outlined my whole body with the pen tool. I then outlined the graphics on my shirt and filled them in. On the shirt I then made many layers for the shadows that I had in the portrait. After my shirt I went up to my head and outlined and colored my head with different shading layers also. Finally I made a gradiant for my background in a seperate layer.
Vector graphics is a redone image made on the computer of a picture you took. The benefits of doing a vector portrait is that it make your picture a lot more vivid and colorful than the original picture.